Smith’s – It’s a wine shop, not a restaurant!

(However we do serve a fabulous “Cheeky Mid-Week Supper”!)

How much poncey nonsense is forced upon us about food?

How many images of brightly coloured, tinily portioned dishes are our senses bludgeoned with on a regular basis?

Fine dining this, wine flight that! Masterchef pish and Bake Off tosh!

At Smith’s, we feel that this is a load of old chuff.

At this point it would be far too easy to waste your time and ours by banging on about ethical sourcing this and discovering organic that.

Enough to say that 90% of the food served in Smith’s is sourced from our neighbours on Magdalen Road.

To this end, we serve supper on our lovely big dining table, which runs down the middle of the shop, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


There is no choice.

The food will NOT be vegetarian.

The food will NOT be fat free.

Although we have sympathy for customers with dietary issues, they are not catered for here.

What we cook is what you get. 

No matter what main course has been cooked, it’s £12 and is served down the middle of the table where everybody mucks in and serves each other.

We then match three different wines at differing price points with the dish.

A glass of the least expensive wine is £2.50, a glass of the next wine is £5.00 and the most expensive wine starts at £7.50 a glass but could go anywhere depending on what gets pulled off the shelf.

If I have time during the day, I will make a pudding, if not, a cheese board will be available. Dessert wine with pud, port with cheese, it’s £7.50.

Starter available if..... a. requested or b. I can be bothered.

Dinner at Smiths Wine Shop Exeter
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