...... all booze......

......as long as it’s good.

Now then, this is a relative concept –

“Do I like it?”

“Don’t I like it?”

“Do I know why I like it?”

“Do I know why I don’t like it?”

“Does it matter? Or am I just crapping on?!”

At the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is yours.

What one likes as an individual is what is right for that individual, and anybody that tries to tell you any different can sod off.

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Iain Smith Exeter Wine Merchant
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But also consider how one's palate is affected by other influences, predominately food. A red wine one may feel is a little bit dry, a little bit tannic on it's own may turn out to be as delicious as angels’ tears when accompanied by a slow roast shoulder of lamb.  

At Smith’s, we see our role in this performance as the introducers of delicious, previously undiscovered ingredients to embellish life’s wonderful adventure. Whether it be a stunning quaffer for everyday glugging, a little something naughty for the weekend, a beautiful gift for a much cared for loved one, to be aged and enjoyed in the future.

The shop is stocked with treats at every price point. Just pop in or phone up and tell us what you desire (within reason obviously).